Wolf, Man Round Neck T-Shirt
Wolf, Man Round Neck T-Shirt Wolf, Man Round Neck T-Shirt

Wolf, Man Round Neck T-Shirt

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wolf t-shirt  #iacobuccyounes

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In the background of the t-shirt, we see a beautiful example of a wolf. The subject very stylized and personalized by a technical we define almost '' optical '' which tells the desire of the fashion house to celebrate art in nature and emphasize the beauty as much as possible. The clothing brand made in Italy Iacobuccyounes, as often happens, choose animal subjects as protagonists of the graphics of the leaders of the Italian fashion house. The reasons are different, first of all because the creative director Christian Iacobucci loves nature very much, Christian, in fact often quotes this sentence that he read during a photo exhibition of National Geographic NATURE THROUGH THE SYMMETRY IS CLOSE TO PERFECTION Secondly because it is only right, at any time, remember the importance of respecting all living beings and use its image of some of them, even in fashion to underline, I think is right. The wolf is a wonderful, gregarious, nomadic, with eyes and a fur with beautiful tones of icy blue always different sometimes very hot sometimes freezing. Wolves live in packs, respecting one another. The wolf is strong, but it is also beauty. Iacobuccyounes likes to think of the world in these terms; t-shirt wolf is a beautiful example given by nature aimed at enhancing our most primal instincts.
Data sheet
T-Shirt LenghtStandard
Sleeve LengthShort
Fabric80% Cotton 20% Polyester
NecklineRound neck

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