Polo piquè in puro cotone organico
Polo piquè in puro cotone organico Polo piquè in puro cotone organico Polo piquè in puro cotone organico Polo piquè in puro cotone organico Polo piquè in puro cotone organico Polo piquè in puro cotone organico

Piquè polo shirt in pure organic cotton

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Short sleeve piquè polo shirt, in pure organic cotton, the garment looks like a classic concept but offers a contemporary line and a modern design.


Composition 100% cotton
Weight 201 to 220 gr
Sleeve Short sleeve
Model collar 3 buttons
Tessuto Pique

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This fashion item is part of the new collection or rather of the new Iacobuccy Italy eco-sustainable philosophy. As a result of the complex period linked to the sars cov 2 pandemic, the brand has matured new objectives but above all a new awareness, a sensitive and modern neo-conscience that implies the fundamental respect for the environment theme. We, too, believe it is right to move towards an increasingly ecological transition by adopting a creative and productive orientation that is increasingly eco-friendly, as far as possible by creating eco-sustainable clothing, in which organic cotton, recycled polyester and non-nickel metal accessories become protagonists. The fashion brand Iacobuccy wants to gradually abandon the concept linked to multicolor toxic prints imprinted on non-organic cottons to embrace a more neutral, purer, perhaps more poetic creative concept, in which, through the monochrome, infinite respect for mother nature is expressed. . The idea is to leave the classic pop and hyper-modern prints, the strong, breaking designs, typical Iacobuccy to embrace a new philosophy, an organic philosophy, almost a conceptual creative spirituality, perhaps simpler, but definitely more attentive to other, more attentive to forms; the cuts are less common, the seams are tone-on-tone, the lines are softer, the fits more comfortable almost ergonomic, rounded, we want to smooth out, obviously remove, we embrace a minimalism full of significant but subdued details, such as natural cork sliders . We want to give the right emphasis to the concept of organic fabric, here, for us the work of art is no longer the design itself, it is no longer what the creatives represented or told through stylized or figurative graphics, for us the a work of art is the naked canvas, raw even without a frame, a simple but beautiful canvas in its purity in its linearity, this is the new Iacobuccy ecofriendly fashion concept. The pandemic has changed everything, it has profoundly changed us and often changed the economic situation of many families in the world, greatly reducing the purchasing capacity of many people, so we decided to extend this revolution, this evolution also by reshaping the prices of our new ones. organic articles, creating a decidedly more democratic price list and in line with the historical moment we are experiencing, especially thinking of prices more consistent with our new idea of ​​making fashion, an inclusive and democratic fashion, neo-liberal increasingly respectful towards environment but also towards each of us, the new us.

Data sheet
Fabric100% cotton

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