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Cosmopolitan Creativity and manufacturing wisdom totally "Made in Italy"

Mr. Iacobucci began his adventure in fashion as a child, when, instead of playing with his peers preferred to spend his time in the spaces of the historical clothing company of family.

"The fashion enchanted me; I loved playing with precious fabrics and see customers wearing our items. Also imagining where they would have worn that dress, passion and intrigue which would accompany it. The scent of fashion I liked it a lot already, I loved watching my mother express her creativity, I was amazed by the way as stylish as severe to manage his company, I felt the need to learn as much as possible from her" - says Christian Iacobucci.

Years pass quickly, and with all his soul Christian wanted to become a fashion designer. He continues his experience in the family 's company until the end of school when he moved to Milan to study "fashion" in one of the most prestigious académies. Once his studies of "fashion" completed, after a short experience in Miami Florida, he started working for an Italian brand, but the desire to continue being in the family business was too strong. So he decided to back in his hometown and develops the concept already existing family business, opening a new boutique, choosing the same philosophy, but only for a man.

« They have been wonderful years! We have been worked very hard to many satisfaction. The most interesting aspect has been working closely with Ms. Younes, my mother. Without a doubt the most original person I've ever known. We have a special relationship, certainly as mother and son, but we are also two friends who consider themselves personally and professionally. About two years ago we decided to invest together again on our experience and our taste. Then we developed a common idea.

It was a special moment for our country, a lot of luxury companies had already started to produce abroad. We wanted to go against the tide and produce a collection made in Italy, our collection had to be of the highest quality, a brand unique in its kind, that expresses a message of freedom and legitimization. We wanted to tell the love in his forms: OUR WORK IS A WONDERFUL.

Whenever it happens to see an element of our collection worn by a celebrity on TV or the street, maybe in a European capital by an unknown person, we smile because we remember when the idea was born and from which emotion has born that drawing. We put all our love and our passion for our job this our secret. »

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