Do you have a store? Or are you a buyer? and you like Iacobuccyounes Italy collections? Then contact our offices! Our operators will be happy to illustrate all our products and will explain Iacobuccyounes philosophy and how we assist stores around the world, that decide to sell Iacobuccyounes lines on their shop floor. The corporate policy of our house is quite elastic as helping the customers, assisting in every way possible, is paramount. Our philosophy puts the customer in the best conditions to sell the products in the best possible way to maximise profits. It is fundamental, therefore, a careful selection of the items that they should carefully be oriented according to the style of the store, its location and especially of the type of its customer base; When requested, our local staff will be happy to guide the customer in the shop in order to identify the most suitable items, mainly to avoid any leftovers, but when they do, the mother company will be happy to withdraw the unsold at no cost, by issuing a credit note for the amount which will be deducted from the total of the invoice for any next order. This type of policy provides customers great flexibility in managing their work and stock, especially in periods when sales can be slow. It is important to say that iacobuccyounes holders have been in the fashion industry since the 60s, when they started as traders and holders of numerous fashion stores until the creation of their own brand Iacobccyounes Italy; and it is for this reason that the lady of the Apple (Miss Younes) and his son Christian Iacobucci adopt this policy, which they dare to define "familiar" for all customers, since they know very well the commercial dynamics in the management of clothing sales.

The lady of the apple (Miss Younes), a very successful manager, says:

– “We do not want anonymous customers or faceless names that pay invoices that are emitted by the company after the order is processed, but we seek partnerships or "best friends" who love our products and sell them proudly in their boutiques with joy and passion and maybe wearing it casually" -

The brand Iacobuccyounes Italy, has among its customers the best boutiques and stores located in the most prestigious places in the world: London, New York, Paris, Mykonos, Athens, Madrid, but the brand is also present in the shops located in places perhaps less well known that at the same time enrich with immense satisfaction the company; In fact, the founders are great lovers of the province and deeply believe in small companies, where maybe there are a few shops but certainly important, with a history and generations of family managers who have devoted their lives to advance the small company, however, dressing  thousands of people over the years for any kind of event like country weddings or private parties for young people. Iacobuccyoues is in love with his innovative concept, so if you own a shop in Tokyo or anywhere else, contact us, we will be happy to assist you, and have you among our new customers and welcome you to our family.

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